Innovation e Sustainability



30 years in the Engineering and Information Technology market standing out on the development of innovative solutions with an emphasis on sustainability.


We have a extensive asset in Engineering Projects, Implementation of Special Facilities, Advisory, Consulting, Application Development, Technical Support, Development of Management Plans, Access Control Systems and CCTV, among others.




We operate in providing Engineering Project Development services and ICT Consulting / Advisory, Technical Support 24x7, Management and Supervision of Works, Electrical Installations, including substations, Access Control and CCTV, optical network systems and radio, automation, meter reading, Electronic Document Management, Application Development among others.

About Us


Founded in 1987, ETI is premised on the provision of engineering services and ICT with high level of quality and commitment to the objectives of its clients.



Throughout its existence, ETI won a large number of customers of all sizes and sectors, including industry, commerce and government, the three levels, giving priority to quality and compliance with established premises.

Dear Customers and Suppliers

In view of the Corona Virus Pandemic and the WHO recommendations as well as government authorities (Min. Of Health), since 16/03/2020, all employees over 60 will be working in a "home office" regime. The company's headquarters adopted, as a preventive measure, reduced service hours, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Trips are suspended and meetings only by videoconference. The measures are valid until 06/30/2021. We count on your understanding